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Yasmeen Restaurant is an authentic Lebanese cuisine in the heart of St John’s Wood, London. We offer a wide variety of traditional dishes, healthy dishes, vegetarian dishes and more. All of our food is certified Halal. Our catering services are extensive and custom made to appease you and your guests. Come join us at 1 Blenheim Terrace, St. Johns Wood, NW8 0EH or call us at 02076242921 for bookings. 

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Jasmine (Yasmeen) is a flower of moral value, a symbol to Syrians in general and Damascus in particular, being related to Al-Sham history and spread in its gardens and fused within balconies and walls of all Damascus houses...

When one mentions a Damascus house, memory recalls involuntarily an intimate picture of a space scented with Jasmine, Basil, Alodhalaa and the Belladonna smell which connects Damascus with Qasyoun Mountain, Barada River and AL-Hamidia Bazaar...

Jasmine gave Damascus the title of Capital of Jasmine so poems were written about the city as if it was a Super- feminine woman.

“Jasmine Alphabet” of Nizar Qabbani who started his tail with flower since he was hours old, he grew under it’s shade to be a part of his life, thoughts and poems..Even his will included his Jasmine scent “I want my body to be transferred after my death to Damascus and buried in the family cemetery because Damascus is the Uterus which taught me poetry and innovation and gifted me the Jasmine Alphabet”...

Mahmoud Darwish the Palestinian poet did not forget the Jasmine flower in his poetry “don’t apologize for what you have done” in which he addressed Al-Sham: “ In Al-Sham I know who I am , a moon glitters in a woman’s hand and a stone washed with Jasmine tears guides me in the middle of the crowd”...

The Jasmine perfume persists as Damascus persists, it was strong as Damascus strength and kept as the issue of the poets throughout the ages, Ibn Al-Abar the poet from Andalusia described it:”A flower like stars flower in the middle of its orbits thrones of Jasmine appear “...


1 Blenheim Terrace

St. John's Wood

NW8 0EH, London

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3:30 PM - 10:30 PM

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